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SPECIFIC RESOURCES  ( employee, annual budget, revenue resources, disbursement)

Timex trading Plc till date has provide an employment opportunity for 26 workers (3 MA, 6 BA, 7 Diploma, 10 others technical, janitor, and watchman) in a different work positions.

Currently the company is importing genuine construction equipment from Japan, Italy and other European countries to assist the development endeavor of the construction sector. In addition the company has been awarded an exclusive distribution right for KHOLER Vibrator of LINOSELLA Company – the well reputed company from Italy with a solid work experience more than a decade.

The sales of the company show a tremendous rise from the start up of the business till date. That is, the total turnover initially from ETB 500,000 goes up to ETB 20,000,000. This success arises due to a dedicated management and devoted work force towards the attainment of a common goal.

The total capital employed by the business is also showing an increasing trend accounted to 10,305,674 (Ten Million three hundred five thousands six hundred seventy four) from its initial value of 500,000 (Five Hundred Thousands)