Mission Statement Print

Timex Trading Plc was established as a sole proprietorship in the year 2002 E.C with a vision of catering to the construction sector in order to alleviate the vast shortage present in the country for housing, office, road, and other infrastructural services needed for the development of our country. Timex trading plc envisaged to meet the following mission statements.

“Contribute to the national economy through alternative construction material supply to the industry”.

Brief Organization History

Timex trading Plc is a private limited company  engaged in import/ export business house that sells and rents heavy earth moving equipment such as dozers, loaders, excavators, and as well as small home use and construction equipment such as generators, water pumps, vibrators, etc.

Timex trading Plc was established in the year 2008 having acquired all assets of Timex trading company established in the year 2002with sole ownership of Ato Tibebeselassie Awetahegn.  Currently the company is a Private limited company with the share capital of 500,000 (Five hundred thousands). Ato Tibebeselassie Awetahegn is the major share holder and managing director of the new company. The company has further increased its capital to 10,305, 674 (Ten million three hundred five thousands six hundred seventy four).